Boxing for Fitness(健身) When it comes to boxing, most people think of two strong athletes in a ring trying to destroy each other with their fists. 26 ___It is a sport that people can get a great exercise from. Boxing for fitness is fast becoming a popular way to exercise. It is easy to understand when you consider all the benefits of the sport. You will gain increased speed, skill and strength. 27____ You will learn the basic attack skills and how to combine them effectively. So you may wonder how I got started in boxing. I was already at the gym quite often, doing weight training. 28___ But I was still soft around the midsection(上腹部). After a conversation with my boss at lunch one day he suggested I come to a boxing class with him. He is a very fit man in his 40s. 29 ____And he told me all I needed to bring was a bottle of water and a towel. If I have learnt anything from the experience, it is not to be afraid to try something new. No matter what your skill or fitness level is, boxing is good for you. The reason is that this exercise can be modified to suit you. 30____
A. I was getting stronger.
B. Boxing is considered too cruel.
C. You will learn the proper way to control your feet.
D. He offered to lend me a pair of boxing gloves.
E. All in all, boxing for fitness is a great way to work out.
F. However, boxing for fitness is something altogether different.


The People of the Rain Forests

① There are two groups of people who live in the rain forests of Africa--Bantu villagers and Pygmy hunters. The two groups have very different ways of life. But they have learned to survive in the rain forest by depending on each other.

② The Pygmies live as hunters in the rain forest. They live in large groups of families and hunt with nets. The men go to an area where they know there are animals. They hold up nets and the women and children spread out and drive the animals into the nets.

③ Hunting is a full-time job for the Pygmies, so they cannot always stay in villages.But over the years, the Pygmies have learned to enjoy some of the luxuries(奢侈品)of village life. Their forest foods of meat, fruit, and nuts are enough for them. But they also enjoy some village foods--like rice, beans, peanuts and vegetables. They also need some metal tools that are made by the villagers.

④ The villagers are Bantus. They stay in the clearings(空地)in the rain forests. The Bantus cannot keep cattle in the rain forest. There is not enough room for the cattle to feed So the Bantus are given meat by the Pygmies. To the Bantus the rain forest is a dangerous place. But to the Pygmies it is familiar. So the Pygmies fetch firewood and guard the village fields from wild animals.

⑤ The Bantus must work very hard to clear their fields.Once they are cleared,the villagers must fight continually to keep the rain forest from taking over again. The soil of the rain forest is so poor that the farm crops soon wear it out. Then the villagers must give the land back to the forest after a few years' farming and clear more. Task 1Paragraph①:


Task 2 The Bantus and the Pygmies help each other to .


While hunting, the Pygmy women .


The Pygmies get from the Bantus .


The poor soil in the rain forest forces the Bantus to .



Whenever anyone asks me what my favorite animal is, I always say, " Horses." I like almost all animals. 26___

I don't have a horse of my own. Horses are very expensive. 27___You have to pay for their food, equipment, insurance, and health care, for example. If you live on a farm or other big piece of land, you can keep your horse there. But if you don't have a place that's big enough for a horse, you have to pay to keep it

somewhere else.

28___ I go there on the weekends sometimes and watch the trainers exercising the horses. All of the horses need a lot of exercises in order to stay healthy, no matter what kind of riding they are used for. Most of the horses are used for trail(小径)riding, which I think is the easiest and the most fun. It's nice to go out into the woods or along the beach with a horse.

One reason I really like horses is that they have as much personality as people do.They can't talk, but they can tell you what they are feeling with their body language. 29___

Maybe, when I get a little older, I could get a job at the stable. 30___I'm trying to learn as much about horses as I can now, so that I'll be really qualified (有资格的). I would love to have a job like that.

A.There I could be around horses all the time. B.We're very lucky to live near a horse stable. C.It's very expensive to buy one and to own one. D.But horses have always been my very favorite animals. E.My favorite horse"Vrana"is older than a lot of other horses.F.For example, a horse is happy if its ears are forward and its tail is relaxed.



People Watchers

Some scientists do not wear laboratory coats (coat). And only 41___(rare) do they use microscopes. These scientists are called 42___(society) scientists.They want to find out how people act and why they do certain things.

Some of them study the people of 43___(differ) cultures to learn their ways of doing things. They often live with the people of the culture they are 44___(study). They try to feel the world of these people. And they must be good reporters because facts, not 45___(opinion)about other cultures, must be reported.

Another group of them studies how people 46___(live)long ago. They dig in the ground to find old tools that have been 47___(bury) for thousands of years. Sometimes, they even discover buildings hidden in the earth.

These scientists often work in 48___(cooperate) with each other. If one of them 49___ (find) a Greek vase(花瓶)in the Middle East, he or she may ask for an 50___(explain) from an expert to find out how the vase got there.


Task 2 High-tech tools can .


Family members should spend time .


Limiting the time spent on high-tech tools .


Before sleep, children should avoid .


Children tend to .


Task 2People need to spend time on the language .


Learners should listen to the language and read .


Through listening and reading learners may .


People should avoid learning .


It does not matter if learners .


Train Travel for Senior Citizens

Imagine it's that time of year when you start thinking about taking a vacation. Part of the work involves choosing an ideal location while the hard part can be making travel arrangements. 26 __ While those methods may be your first thoughts, train travel is a wonderful option(选择)that sometimes gets overlooked.

In recent years, train travel has increased greatly. A 2010 poll said 62 percent of Americans would probably choose to travel by train. The group responsible for most of the increase in train travel is senior citizens. 27__

The first advantage of traveling by train is not having to worry about driving or the stresses of flying. Today, taking a plane can be quite annoying. 28__ In addition, some arent fond of heights and instead enjoy feeling safe on the ground.

The second advantage of train travel is it allows passengers to enjoy beautiful scenes during the ride. 29__ What's more, people can enjoy drinks, food, movies, and games on the train.

30__ It may bring back wonderful memories to those who rode trains with their families as children.

Overall, train travel is both comfortable and relaxing. It is a wonderful way of traveling for senior citizens. A. You don't have to keep your eyes on the road. B. And they choose trains for a number of reasons. C.Traveling by train can be tiring and time-consuming. D.Finally, railroad travel can be a timeless option for seniors. E. How are you going to get there perhaps by plane, car, or bus? F. One needs to check in bags and be subject to various security measures.



Australian Athlete Cathy Freeman

Cathy Freeman was born in an aboriginal(土著的) family in Australia When she was still a girl. her talent in running was 31___ . Her mother encouraged her to 32___ her interest in sports. Her stepfather(继父), Bruce Barber, told her that she could win a gold medal at the olympics if she trained 33___ . At the age of 15, she 34___ at the National School Championships. She achieved such good 35___ that she was encouraged to 36__ the 1990 Commonwealth Games team. She became a 37 __ of the 4×100-meter relay(接力)team, which won gold at the Commonwealth Games. In 1990, she took part in the Australian National Championships, winning the 200 meters, and then ran in the 100, 200, and 4x100 meters 38__ at the World Junior Games. During this time, she 39 __ an Australian track official. He later became her 40 __ , manager, and boyfriend.

A. obvious B. coach C.follow D.strange E. met F. member G. results H. competedI. races J. join K. hardly L. properly